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Ovaltine - Social Media Management


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Organic Reach


Food & Beverage


Ovaltine would like to build presence on the digital world, and reminding the market that they are still one of the top chocolate drinks in Malaysia.


Many youngsters from Generation Z have never heard about Ovaltine. With the help of digital world, we get to spread Ovaltine brand to Generation Z, as well as reminding everyone else about the brand.

We helped them built a Facebook Page from scratch, and garnered over 25,000 followers with optimized budget. We also organized giveaway contests from time to time to attract social media users, especially youngsters to participate in the campaign. With all the activities we done for Ovaltine, they successfully show presence in the digital market with fairly high engagement rate.


• Content Creation
• Media Buy
• Campaign Management Service
• Social Channel Management


We successfully disseminate Ovaltine brand to the younger generation, and also managed to achieve a fairly high engagement rate for their Facebook Page posts.

There were once Ovaltine product has gone out of stock in a lot of stores while no marketing activities were on the run except Facebook Ads. It gives them a huge surprise that Digital Marketing really helps them to generate sales.

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