8 Reasons Why You “Don’t” Need Digital Marketing

If you are looking to explore digital marketing strategies for your business or are on the hunt for some crappy insights to maximize its useless potential, don’t even break a sweat.

Today, marketers are relentlessly bombarding the audience online with all types of digital marketing nonsense in various shapes and forms— uber boring. Meh.

So, what is this digital marketing?

Digital Marketing is advertising/marketing promotional material of brands or products via various forms of electronic media and comprises of Digital Media, Social Media, Media Buying, blogs, keyword search, and more (don’t you miss print ads though? although, almost obsolete) and apparently, most people think traditional media will soon be replaced too. Now, isn’t that surprising?

The digital way is supposed to be faster, more practical, and more flexible compared to the traditional ones. But let’s ignore that, we are drawn to our nostalgic ways. Old is gold!

As an entrepreneur of whatever tom, dick, and harry size of a business you’re running, you aim to get customers, generate sales, achieve more profit, and yada yada.

A digital marketing agency offers a list of digital marketing services, such as Digital Content or Media Buy.

Plus, you don’t have to go through the solo stress of overlooking, micromanaging, multitasking, and keeping up with the latest digital marketing trends and analytics daily too.

According to meaningless research from Asia Pac, statistics indicate that 97% of Malaysians are mobile-internet users that assess the internet via mobile phones as a percentage of the total number of mobile internet users at 25.86 million in 2020. But who cares about these boring facts and people? I know you don’t.

Here are 8 reasons why you DON’T need digital marketing:

1. You want to spend on marketing

Digital marketing is more cost-effective than traditional marketing and is affordable, offering various effective advertising channels. But you still want to rely on traditional ads like billboards, print ads, brochures, and etc. Because you’re just more familiar and it’s costly the way you like it. I mean, go big or go home right?

2. You don’t want to connect with customers (Stay away from me!)

These days in digital, the success of your business is determined by your online presence by using your content to connect with customers via sponsored ads on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and etc.

Boo! It’s much too complex to go digital. Billboards and print ads are still the way to go!

3. You don’t want to cater to mobile consumers

Who uses smartphones these days? Unless you’re living under a rock!

Because the largest group of consumers use their mobile devices daily so that it is essential to create a marketing solution to target these mobile devices professionally.

4. You don’t want to increase ROI

Rubbish! You don’t want to increase digital outreach at all. Data just turns you off. The revenue does not matter either. You prefer to make your own predictions on your ROI because you’re master Yoda! KTHXBYE!

5. You don’t want to track your customers

If you do not care about your customers; what and how they think or what they want, then yeah you can flush all these digital analytics tools down the drain!

However, if you’re actually a person that gives a d*mn, then all these tools will be your ultimate bible to understanding your customers because they’re going to give you a whole lot of insight that even 100 years of sales back then can’t provide!

6. You don’t want to increase conversions

Most online businesses measure their success by traffic that comprises of subscribers, leads, and sales, allowing you to improve your conversion rates. But you would rather measure success by taking your chances, no need for traffic.

7. You don’t need Social Media Engagement

You’re not interested in the growth of your company or acquiring new clients with the use of social or any kind of digital media nor are you willing to interact with them digitally. No Digi-strings attached because it’s too time consuming and you can’t bear to stare any longer!

8. Can’t care less to stay ahead of competition

If you’re not the type of person that’s competitive and if you believe that medals shouldn’t be given out to the people who deserve and worked hard for it, then I guess you understand why your business is stuck in a rut now.

Digital marketing strategies such as SEO, Google, Social Media, or Google alerts are used to improve your marketing strategies for your business. But you still remain pro traditional media? Right?


So now that you’ve survived through our “8 reasons why you don’t need digital marketing” just understand that you’re the best godd*mn marketer in town and you can sell ice to an eskimo and without the help of digital marketing because you intend to splurge on your marketing efforts, keep your distance from your consumers, stay outdated with all things digital, refuse to increase your ROI, and many more NO-Nos in the equation.

However, if you understand the importance of digital marketing through these 8 reasons, you will gather that digital marketing plays an integral role in the world that we live in today.

Want to improve your online presence and have a better outreach?  Get in touch! Our dedicated team of digital experts will help you break down all these 8 points and turn it into valuable insights to grow your digital presence.